Registration 2022 Information 



  • Fitness programs

    • These programs are based on increasing participants fitness levels in a social environment.  This is a no pressure environment where participants can have fun and develop skills and fitness while participating in one or two practice a week. Participants can stay at this level, or if you choose, can move to a Fitness and Competition program when you are ready.

    • Learn to Paddle - We will be offering a couple of 4 session Learn to Paddle classes this year.  We offer an option through the week on Tuesdays an noon, and another option on Saturdays at 11:45AM.  If you're totally new to paddling, this is a good program to take prior to then moving into another crew.

    • Recreation program - We offer two sessions of Recreation paddling per week on Thursdays at noon and on Saturdays at 10AM.  You can register for either of these, or if you want to go twice a week, you can register for both.  There are a total of 10 sessions in each time slot.  We are also hoping to be able to offer a couple of racing opportunities.  The Recreation program is a great stepping stone to a competitive program, but we also have people who just want to stay with the Recreation program.

    • Blind and Partially Sighted Crew - The BPS Crew is a program we offer free of charge to blind and partially sighted athletes and their supporters.  Dragon boat is a great sport for these athletes as you can rely on sound and boat feel to stay in stroke.  It is a very safe environment and the boat is very stable.  If you are an experienced paddler and would like to be a supporter of this program, sign up during registration.

    • All equipment for these programs is provided, which includes a paddle, PFD, and a seat pad.


  • Fitness and Competition programs

    • These programs are based on increasing participants’ fitness and skill level with a goal to compete, whether side by side in practice, in the race league, or in festivals.  There are multiple training options per week.

    • Gold Team - The Gold Dragon Boat Team, coached by Tim Schaus, is a racing dragon boat team, and is currently accepting new members. We work hard on the water to improve fitness, paddling skills and racing skills. We support one another to improve as paddlers (from beginner level to high level) and to improve as a team.  We enjoy exercising together and socializing together.  The Gold Team practices three times a week (Mon, Wed at 6:30 pm and Sun at 9:00 am). There are options this year to sign up for Sunday only practicing or weekdays only (Mon and Wed) practicing.

    • Black Team - The Black Crew, coached by Albert McDonald, is a competitive dragon boat crew that focuses on fitness and race preparation for adult paddlers of all ages.   Practices usually consist of pieces one minute in length to six minutes in length, with occasional timed 2K and 4K pieces.  The practices take about an hour and are fairly high intensity with balanced crews going head to head.  We encourage anyone who enjoys high intensity training to join us.  The Black crew has an option of twice a week on Tuesday/Thursday, and a once a week option on Sunday.  You can choose either or both if you want to go three times a week.  Register for either the 6:15 session or the 7:30 session on Tuesday/Thursday. 

    • Senior C Practices - This year we have a crew of athletes 60 and over participating in the Club Crew World Dragon Boat Championships in Sarasota, Florida in July.  In order to prepare for this competition, those on the Senior C roster should register for this option.  Coaches Angela Bidinost and Jay London will be organizing some combination of open, mixed and women's practices for 8 sessions prior to Sarasota.  Supporters may also register for these practices but you will be invited to practices as need dictates.  For example, Angela and Jay may need a 200 lb. left male to fill a seat.  There is no charge for the supporters, and you are a valuable part of helping the team to prepare.

    • Previous paddling experience is considered an asset but is not mandatory.  PFDs and paddles are provided if required.