Fall (August 30 to October 3)

Fitness and Competition Programs

Gold Crew

The Gold Crew, coached by Tim Schaus, is a predominantly master’s (35+) racing dragon boat team with a competitive spirit and a welcoming culture. The team focuses on fitness, racing and the social aspect of being a member of a team. 

For the fall session, the Gold crew will have two practices a week.

There are two options with the Gold Crew - Monday and Wednesday at 6:30PM or Monday and Wednesday at 9AM. For those who want a third practice a week you can sign up for the additional Sunday morning paddle (9AM)

Register for either the morning session (9:00 am) or the evening session (6:30 pm) if you wish to participate in the fall session. Register for the additional Sunday paddle s if you want to paddle three times a week in the fall.

Cost: Fall $100 (2/week); Additional 3rd practice/week $50

Black Crew

The Black Crew, coached by Albert McDonald, is a competitive dragon boat crew that focuses on fitness and race preparation for adult paddlers of all ages.   Practices usually consist of pieces one minute in length to six minutes in length, with occasional timed 2K and 4K pieces.  The practices take about an hour and are fairly high intensity with balanced crews going head to head.  Previous paddling experience is considered an asset but is not mandatory.  We encourage anyone who enjoys high intensity training to join us.

For the Fall session, the Black Crew is offering several options.

For those who only want to train twice a week there is a two-day option on Tuesday and Thursday.  Register for either the 6:15 session or the 7:30 session.  If you are interested in a daytime session as an alternative, in addition to selecting a 6:15 or 7:30 option, select the daytime option.  If there is enough interest, we will offer a daytime option.

For those who want a third practice each week, there is a Sunday only option at 5PM.  This is also open to people who want to just paddle once a week, but for whom the Recreation crew is not the right level.

Cost: Fall $100 (2/week); Additional 3rd practice/week $50

Advanced Competition and Training Programs

Black Crew

The Black Crew is offering a once-a-week option for those interested in higher intensity sprint training (such as 6 times 350 meters timed with starts) or timed longer distance training (such as timed 2K or 4K).  Paddlers are expected to be experienced enough and fit enough to be able to take on these very challenging practices. This program is suitable for those already participating in a Fitness and Competition program, or those doing other training such as sprint canoe/kayak.   Sessions will be Sunday at 10:15AM.

Cost: $50

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