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Camp Schedule

Draft only - may not be as presented

Sunday Evening

We kick things off with a brief on the water session and some video, followed by a small social to get to say hello and to go over camp schedule and logistics.

Monday to Friday 8:30 AM

Practices start with a warm up and a technical focus.  Each individual will be video recorded twice during the week, and will have two video review sessions in a small group.  Your video review session is followed immediately by an on the water session where you can apply what you have learned.  Each individual will also have two extra help sessions in a small group.

Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday mid day

Everyone will get an opportunity to go for a paddle in the OC6.  This mid day break is a good time to schedule a little massage therapy or physio!  Make sure you check out the list of local restaurants.

Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday 3:30 PM

Back on the water in the afternoon after a warm up.  There is lots of opportunity for some side by side training.

Wednesday afternoon

It's also okay to take the afternoon off and nap!  Or do a little site seeing or shopping.  We will also plan an optional activity for the keeners!

Monday to Friday post practice

Relax after practice by enjoying some warm chocolate chip cookies! 

Wednesday evening

There will be a dinner for all camp participants hosted by Coach Albert McDonald.  Have a pleasant evening on the patio with new and old friends while we serve you dinner. You are welcome to bring your partner or spouse.  We will try and accommodate dietary restrictions if you let us know.


Camp participants and Dragon Beasts will race competitive 200m races, and a 2K on Lake Banook.  We will wrap up the week with a get together at Bookdocks in Eastern Passage.

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