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Dartmouth Dragon Boat Race League

The Dartmouth Dragon Boat Race League is a series of racing events hosted on Lake Banook.  There are three race dates during the summer, and each event takes about 2 hours.  Teams race as 12-person crews in a 200 meter heat and a 200 meter final.  Crews will then combine (depending on placing) to race as a 20-person crew in another 200 meter event.  The day concludes with the very exciting 100 meter heats and final in the cove, again in 20 person crews.

Points are accumulated for placement in each race.  The third event is the championship, with awards for most points by a 10-person crew, most points in the 100 meter racing, and overall points winner.

The Race League is open to anyone who wants to enter a team, although there are limited spots.  Check out the Race League Forum if you are looking for paddlers or looking for a team.

Current Race League Calendar

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