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Bring the excitement of dragon boating to your community! In the past 10 years dragon boating has grown from relative obscurity to 60 000 participants who take part in over 100 festivals in municipalities throughout Canada . Some of the larger festivals have been known to attract hundreds of teams and tens of thousands of spectators!

Dragon boating is visually spectacular, easy to learn, and most importantly, extremely safe. Anyone can do it, regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability. Furthermore, it is a sport where men and women compete together in an unbiased and fun environment. For these reasons it has become an extremely popular team building activity for community organizations and corporations. Dragon boat festivals are also frequently associated with charities, where they have been known to raise millions of dollars for cancer research and other non-profit organizations.

Dragon Boat East was founded with the goal of expanding and developing this sporting activity in Atlantic Canada. We possess a fleet of boats and all other equipment related to racing (paddles, life jackets, etc…) and are highly mobile with our own transportation equipment.

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