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Tips on How to Use It

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When you join your first DDBA crew, you will get an invitation to join TeamSnap.  A TeamSnap profile will be set up with the user id that you provided.  Just add a password and you’re in!  You will then be able to access TeamSnap by downloading an app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or by going to the website and signing in.  If you are added to any additional teams, you will simply get a notification.


Please make sure you update your profile information.  It is important that we have contact information, as well as other information such as emergency contact.  Don’t forget to download a profile pic!  It is very helpful for others in getting to know you, so please make sure you use a photo of your face, not your cat, most recent vacation, or who you would like to look like 😊 You can also help out the coaches by entering your paddling side.


Every one of our crews has a Roster, so you will be added to the roster when you join.  We also use rosters to set up additional email lists, for example, everyone by default will be added to the Sunrise Paddles roster. 

You can go back at any time and change your profile information, such as changing your email address or adding a second email address.  Just remember you will have to change it on every roster as there is a profile on each roster.

One of the useful features of TeamSnap is that you can see the profile information for others on your team (unless they have it blocked).  So you can easily find email addresses or phone numbers for your team mates, and can even add to your Contacts.


The full schedule of all practices are easy to view.  You can see any cancellations.  It’s also very easy for anyone to add other events to the calendar such as parties!

In addition to seeing the schedule, you can indicate whether you will be attending an event.  The coaches will be using this feature to know how many are coming to a practice, so it is very important that you indicate your attendance.  If you do not, it will be assumed you are not attending.  By knowing who and how many are coming in advance, the coaches can determine how many boats are needed and make the line up in advance.  That means getting on the water quicker!

You will be sent an email reminder the day before a practice, so you can update your attendance directly from the email.  You can also do it through the app or the website.  If you know you are going to be away, or have other conflicts, indicate you won’t be available.  Please do not go through in advance and indicate you will be attending every practice.  No one’s going to believe that!  Update a day or two in advance, right up to the afternoon of the practice. 

If you have indicated you are not coming (or indicated nothing), you can still come to the practice.  We all recognize that last minute things can change.  But you may find yourself not on the lineup and may end up paddling in a spot not as desirable for you, such as Bruce Oakley in seat 10.


TeamSnap has a number of ways to send messages.  There is a chat function, which is basically a running conversation visible to all team members.

There is also an email function that any team member can use to send emails to any or all members on the roster.  It is easy to go back and find emails, or even to resend to someone if they join the team after the original email had been sent.  Emails appear in the inbox for whichever email addresses you have identified on your profile.  You do not need to access the app or website in order to see the emails.

Another function that can be used for communicating is Alerts.  We will be using the alerts to notify you of things that require you to see it quickly, such as a practice cancellation.  Alerts will appear as a text, if you have a cell phone set up in your profile, or as a notification within the app.

If you need help...

Don't be afraid to ask.  On the Gold team, you can ask Rosemary Oakley.  For any other team, you can ask Jan Oakley.   If you can't find us, send an email to

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