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The ultimate team event, dragon boating features 20 paddlers, plus 1 drummer and 1 steersperson working towards perfect unison. It is easy to learn, extremely safe, and an activity where men and women train and compete together. It does not matter how old, young, big or little you are, once a paddler is in stroke, they are contributing to the team!

A dragon boat activity designed especially for you! Dragon Boat East will work with your company to provide an activity that specifically suits your needs. This may involve a one-time corporate team building day, or an activity that spans several weeks of dragon boating lessons and culminates with a friendly competition against other groups with the same experience.

Benefits to the Corporation

  • Fosters team building – 22 employees working together towards one common goal.

  • Promotes exercise and active living, and enjoying an activity with co-workers outside of the office.

  • Make the most of summer in Nova Scotia – enjoy being part of the thriving paddling community on beautiful Lake Banook.

  • Promotes your corporate image at events such as the annual Halifax Dragon Boat Festival which attract thousands of participants and spectators.

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