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Dragon Boat Programs

All our dragon boat programs are held at Graham's Grove Park in Dartmouth.  We paddle on Lake Banook and Lake MicMac.  All equipment is provided.   If you are interested in more information about any of our programs, please send us an email.  Here are the programs we will be offering this year:

  • Drop Ins - Free Friday night drop in sessions are open to the public and is one of the ways we provide accessible programs for the community, and is sponsored by HRM Recreation. It is also one of the ways we bring in new participants to our other programs. This is usually advertised as a Facebook community event, and you can register there. Typically the program runs from July to August.

  • Learn to Paddle - This year learn to paddle will consist of three basic sessions (end of June start) to teach basic technique and how to get in and out of the boat. It is not essential for someone to do Learn to Paddle, and is there to give people comfort who might not be comfortable jumping right into a practice. Participants who register for Learn to Paddle will automatically be registered as part of the Recreation program as well. ($120 plus HST for 10 sessions)

  • Recreational Programs - This year we had two time slots, Thursday at noon and Saturday at 10 AM. You can register for one or both of these. The rec program is focused on improving technique and improving fitness level. This program usually runs from late June to end of August. ($120 plus HST for 10 sessions)

  • Blue Crew - Pending enough interest, we will be offering two daytime practice slots Monday and Friday at noon, from end of June to end of August. This is for people who may want to get a more challenging workout than the Recreational Programs, or who may prefer a daytime workout to an evening workout. It's a new crew, so let's see if we have enough interest. We can commit to leaving the dock at noon and being back by 1255 for people who may have commitments and are trying to fit it in on their lunch break. ($135 plus HST for 12 sessions)

  • Blind and Partially Sighted - We will again be offering free programming to blind and partially sighted paddlers and supporters. This crew goes out on Saturdays at 2 PM and we are always looking for participants and supporters. (If you are interested in being a supporter, include this program in your registration and you will be added to the email list). We are hoping to build on the capabilities of some of our paddlers who have been coming for a number of years, and hoping to get a couple of races again this year. (Free for BPS athletes and supporters)

  • Gold Crew - This program offers an option of once, twice or three times a week training, starting end of April and running until October. We work hard on the water to improve fitness, paddling skills and racing skills. We support one another to improve as paddlers (from beginner level to high level) and to improve as a team. We enjoy exercising together and socializing together. The Gold Team practices Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 PM and Sunday at 9 AM. ($265 plus HST for twice a week, $135 plus HST for once a week)

  • Black Crew - This program offers an option of once, twice or three times a week training, starting end of April and running until October. Practices usually consist of pieces one minute in length to six minutes in length, with occasional timed  2K and 4K pieces..  The practices take about an hour, and are fairly high intensity with two balanced crews going head to head.  Previous paddling experience is considered an asset but is not mandatory. The Black Crew trains Tuesday and Thursday at 6:15 PM and 7:30PM, as well as Sunday at 10:30AM.($265 plus HST for twice a week, $135 plus HST for once a week)

  • Senior B/Senior C - We have a number of athletes who will be competing this summer at the Canadian Dragon Boat Championships in Welland, and as a group will be doing some training in addition to their Competitive (Black/Gold) crew training. ($120 plus HST for 12 weeks)


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