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A Legacy of Achievement (Originally Published September 23, 2009)

He is only interested in the team, not the egos of the individuals on that team, so no names.

He values directness and brevity, so few words.

He only knows one way to win and he sticks to it. Take care of the details. Treat everyone with respect, but make them earn it. What have you done for us lately? Don’t be satisfied with yesterday. Put the team first. Be outcome based – arrive prepared. Show me. Trust me. Earn my trust. Try. Achieve. Define winning and then do it.

He’s looking for people who will become “one of us”. If you can’t figure out what that means, you aren’t

He is the most successful dragon boat coach ever. He beat the Chinese and Indonesian Premier men’s teams, both at the height of their game, on their turf. He beat the unbeatable Shun De Chinese crew, twice. He spent 11 years developing the Mayfair Predators into the best club team in the World. He has coached crews to 22 World Championships.

I cannot count the number of times he threw me a lifeline – emotional, psychological, technical, over the 13 years I paddled for him. I was on the 1996 team during his first day coaching a true National team and I was lucky enough, 7 World Championships later, to still be with him in Prague in 2009. Paddling for him was, by far, the best experience I had in a lifetime of sport. I am on a long list of people who would make that statement.

Damn, I could have written this in two words.

Thanks Boss.

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