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Heart and Soul

Week 2 is in the books at the Bow Wave training camp. The week ended with an excellent 2 K race with 5 crews competing. Team Tsunami, primarily from Edmonton, which included two Dragon Beasts, Maria MacDonald and Joanne Oostveen, had the fastest time at 9:35. The next four teams, Including my team, Heart and Soul, which I co-coached with Tim Schaus, were all within 13 seconds, from 10:18 to 10:31. Heart and Soul were 10:31, however, they were entirely a women's team, and at least half of the team were mighty survivors. I paddled in the boat and I couldn't believe the boat run and how good the boat felt. This crew improved more this week than perhaps any crew I have ever coached at this camp.

It was an up and down week of training for me personally. I hurt my back on Monday afternoon and I stayed away from the C1 all week, but I ended up with a lot more kilometres paddling in OC1, OC2 and dragon boat with my crew. Trevor Woodside was generous with his equipment - again.

I think each of the crews had a great week. The weather was perfect and once again the week flew by. Before we knew it, we were at the week ending party. The skits were good and my team was too kind to Tim and I with gifts that included a great book full of pictures from the week - thanks Didi Fisher- Weinrab.

Late in the week Trevor's wife, Michelle Lavoie arrived. She is a world class dragon boat paddler and it is great to have her around. James Lozada, Akila Simon and Hype Jersey, all coaching crews in week 3, arrive tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be hot and sunny this week with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees.

My lovely wife, Jan Oakley, is working on her first blog. Also, I am going to be writing a series of blogs where I interview top Dragon Boat coaches from across the country so stay tuned!! Let me know who you would like to hear from! On to week 3!!!

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