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Empire State of Mind

Week three at the Space Coast Camp is done and I'm on my way home. Week three was another good week, again with great weather but very hot. I coached a BCS crew of mighty survivors from New York. By the end of the week, they were the best BCS crew I have ever seen, and I don't make that claim lightly. They paddled the first 1000 of the 2K, with the wind, well under 5 minutes, which is an amazing time for a BCS crew. The other coaches commented on their improvement.

Hype Jersey joined the coaches team this week and I really enjoyed having her around. She is very excited about her wedding next weekend and I wish I could be there. Good luck Hype and Sarah, best wishes. Hype's team performed a mock wedding during the skits on Saturday and it was really funny.

My team's skit was great also. They had some "Albert the Musical" shirts made which I'm sure will become collectors items. Bill Ford, for one, has been proudly sporting his shirt. We were also treated to some incredible singing by a gifted vocalist from Linda's crew. She brought down the house and received a well deserved standing ovation.

After the skits on Saturday, I hung out at the Crown Plaza which is the nerve centre for the camp. The Crown is a great place, the band was playing, the pool was warm and as Bill says, the beverages were very refreshing. On Saturday I wrapped up my C1 and with Hype's help took it to the Dyers' for storage, along with Jan's purple bike. John and Linda Dyer do an unbelievable amount of work for this camp - sincere thanks for all your help.

The big Boss, Jim Farintosh, closed the camp singing "Addicted to Boats", with some help from his back up dancers. Another great week. Jim does a great job running things. To all the campers, please stay in touch with me by reading my upcoming blogs (and the old ones too). I will be doing some coach interviews, and some technical stuff, and some thoughts and stories. I also look forward to your feedback or any blog ideas.. If you would like to receive an email notification when new blogs are posted, just subscribe at the bottom of the blog page.

Thanks all and a special shout out to Fegley, Natacha, Kress, Stix, Anthony, Tim, Hype, John, Linda, Baker, Bill, Trevor, James, Akila, Rob, the lovely Jan, Anne Marie, Cathy, and especially Jim.

"I must be on my way, I must be moving along, And as I go, I'll be singing this song..."

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